The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, the creator of the award-winning titles The Bridge and Tumblestone, is announcing their second third-party title. This autumn, QAG is publishing Deleveled, a physics-based puzzle platformer in which you simultaneously control two characters who fall in opposite directions. One falls down and one falls up, neither can jump but can exchange momentum through solid objects. You must use your characters to flip pairs of switches that must be turned on before you are allowed to exit. You are only allowed to flip two switches at a time so you’ll have to think strategically to solve each puzzle.

Full game details and features:
Simultaneously control two characters who fall in opposite directions and transfer their momentum through surfaces, allowing each other to reach new heights. Toggle switches, go through one-way walls and traverse over disappearing floors as you navigate this puzzle platformer.
– Hours of Gameplay: Over 6 hours of gameplay spanning 100+ levels across ten worlds, each world introducing new variations of gameplay.
– Secrets Throughout!: Explore all the levels thoroughly to find secrets including bonus levels.
– Sweet Symphonies: Hand made chiptune soundtrack and sound effects. Each world being uniquely scored.

Deleveled is releasing internationally this on Nintendo Switch. The price will be $9.99.