Our overall verdict "bronze"

Here at Punk and Lizard, we have reinforced our gaming squad with a new reviewer whose name neither man nor beast has been able to pronounce correctly. His name? Vizewaldmeister. Previously playing on PS3 for years and more recently getting used to the PS Vita with a little help from blondlizard (getting infected might be the right choice of word), he is going to give you an insight into some of the latest PS Vita games here on Punk and Lizard. First stop? Age of Zombies

There are some facts in the world that can’t be changed; the sun isn’t orbiting around the earth, jam tastes better with butter and zombies are simply cool. Remembering these facts, one could think that we have already reached the end of the flagpole when another game surfaces in which you have to kill hordes of zombies. That being said, another may ask “What could be more awesome?”. Of course I can hear the critics say “Not another zombie game!” but the guys from Halfbrick Studios have spiced it up here with some quite cool and fancy stuff.


You play as Barry Steakfries (who some may recognise even without his jetpack), a badass one-man-army and humanity’s last hope against the evil Professor Brains, who plans to send his zombie minions in all epochs of time. This is where it gets awesome. You travel through time from the Stone Age over ancient Egypt and the feudal Japan back to the future. Earlier we asked what could be more awesome than zombies? Here’s the answer. In Age of Zombies you fight your way through zombie cavemen that are backed up by a Zombie T-Rex, Zombie Mummies and Zombie Ninjas, just to mention a few. If Age of Zombies was a movie, it would be Jurassic Park meets World War Z meets The Mummy, all combined with a big scoop of Die Hard on top. You slaughter through masses of Zombie corpses while Barry will keep you amused you with some nice one-liners. In every stage you will find several types of useful weapons, sidearms and power-ups like bazookas, hover-boards, turrets, miniguns and many more in order to get some real firepower.


Since Barry is known to be a tough badass, he is not simply killed by one hit and will even recover health over time as long as you manage to avoid any further damage. But as the zombies spawn randomly from time warps on the map, you can sometimes find yourself surrounded by too many zombies, even for Mr. Steakfries. Knowing that the next seconds are going to be your last, at least for this life, this can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re aiming for 100%. On the other hand, nothing in life comes for free, or like uncle Ben told us: with great power comes great responsibility – so watch out and don’t get killed!


Age of Zombies takes up only 48 MB space on your Memory Card and trophy wise consists of 13 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold. Some come quite easy, others are hard. For example, finishing the game without dying once (and that’s just a bronze one) or completing the game in one sitting without using a continue. Finishing campaign mode takes 3-5 hours or so, then you can prove yourself in survival mode on different maps against waves of zombies. With Age of Zombies, Halfbrick Studios have brought good zombie fun to the Vita for an adequate price of £3.99/$4.99/€4.99.

Vizewaldmeister Rating: 7/10