Our overall verdict "gold"

Ultra Good

Welcome to Planet Earth’s strongest and much loved superheroes such as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, The Incredible Hunk, Haweye, and Captain America make up the main ingredients for Zen Studio’s latest table, Age of Ultron. A licensed table that coincides with the release of Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. Don’t worry if you’ve not seen the movie, there are no spoilers here, Zen keep this in mind when producing tables from a blockbuster action film.

Age of Ultron throws a striking neon blue look across the screen. It’s a well packed table with endless streams of robots to hack away at and comes aplenty with some eye catching action. Upper levels, a third flipper and character missions make the asking price of €2,99 a no brainer.

The start of each game you’re given the opportunity to choose from three difficulties, Easy, Normal and Hard. Not only does each difficulty affect your score gained it also affects the time you’re given in each game mode. Clever eh? Opting for the Easy setting is the way forward as it’s the best way to get a feel for the table and to explore without any timers stopping your enjoyment.

As you hoped for Age of Ultron features dedicated game modes for each Avengers team member. There is a sharpshooting mini-game starring egaleyed Hawkeye, Iron Man and Ultron meet for some good old fashioned meek combat and there’s also some out of control Bruce Banner moments for the Hulk.

Zen release a table for the less-experienced players and if you’ve never dipped you’re toe into Pinball on PlayStation, here’s your starting table. While this table may not be a stand out experience, diehard pinball players can still rejoice and rack up their collection.

Next up we have Star Wars Pinball: Star Wars Rebels, based on the critically acclaimed animated TV show on Disney XD, Star Wars Rebels and shows us that Zen Studios are continually working with Lucasfilm. It’s a good job they are as a visually fantastic look awaits you. There’s just something magical about Star Wars and in which ever form it comes, you’re just sucked in good and proper and dare I say taken to a galaxy far far away. I’ll admit I have no knowledge of the television show the pinball is based on, but adore Star Wars. If you know the show then good for you, you’re going to get even more satisfaction out of this table. For me being an outsider, it really doesn’t matter, Star Wars Rebels is a top table dripping with colour, class and charactor.

The table centres around Rebel Missions that start when shooting the ball up the Rebel lanes. Cardboard cut-out of Storm troopers tease you into beating them away, a mini playfield requires skill to hit flashing panels and there’s even Ghost and TIE fighters swooping over head. For the creative spray can artist in us you can even spray paint over the empire’s propaganda posters by hitting the correct drop targets bank. The table layout is busy, exciting and yet clear, as with all of the tables avaible on Zen Pinball, the 8 different views to toggle through help zoom in on certain areas where that action is you need to scrutinise.


If you’re wanting partial nudity or fantasy violence images sprolled over a table then look elsewhere, but if you want a top class pinball experience that’s second to none then Zen Studios is the one.

Lizard rating 9/10