Studio Guts reveal their up coming game Aegis Defenders and share the first trailer and information about the game to us.  Their Kickstarter campaign has been launched today and also includes a $100.000 Playstation 4 stretch goal.

Aegis Defenders is a Metroidvania-style action platformer featuring a defense arena combat. You play as Bart, a machinist capable of reviving lost technologies, and his granddaughter Clu, an ace hunter and trapsmith, as they search for the one thing that can save their village from an encroaching empire – an ancient weapon known as Aegis. The world of Aegis Defenders Humanity has been brought to the dark ages by a great calamity but remnants of a once highly advanced civilization still exist. In this world where control over lost technologies equals power and some nations even worship humanoid robots like gods, two explorers from a small village have just discovered Aegis, the legendary weapon said to have brought on the calamity.Although its true purpose remains mysterious, one thing is certain – powerful people will stop at nothing to obtain it.



The look and feel of Aegis is a love letter to an era of games when the sprite graphics of games like Chrono Trigger, Super Metroid, and the Legend of Zelda captured our imaginations. Featuring 16-bit inspired sprite visuals, every detail in the world of Aegis is painstakingly hand painted.


Aegis features fast-paced, flexible combat fueled by defense mechanics.Players must utilize Bart’s ability to craft powerful defensive and offensive structures as well as Clu’s arsenal of firearms and traps to survive an onslaught of monsters coming from all directions.With the ability to customize and upgrade Bart and Clu’s abilities on the fly, no two rounds are alike.


Dynamic Character Swapping. The dynamic character swapping feature allows players to switch between characters at anytime.Survival will depend on the player’s ability to utilize the passive abilities of inactive characters just as effectively as active characters.


Cooperative & Competitive GameplayToo dangerous to go alone? Play the story campaign cooperatively with a friend or team up in Horde Mode to fight off endless waves of enemies.For those with a more competitive edge, battle it out in Siege Mode where players fight to take down the opposing team’s base.


Aegis Defenders is already pre-approved for PS4/Vita and the developers definitely hope to bring the game to these platforms. Visit the Aegis Defenders  Kickstarter here, and tell ’em Punk and Lizard set you!

Verocious is our contributor from The Hague and is an avid gamer since the day his father bought his first computer. He grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider. Although he loves all kinds of genres, he’s not really familiar with JRPG and Sports games. His favourite of all time is The Last of Us, and has a big love for Indie games.