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Indie developer Adversary game’s kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game Red Cobra, has an PS4 stretch goal.

Red Cobra is a Shmup/Metrovania hybrid with puzzle and exploration aspects in which you shoot, bomb, explore and solve puzzles in order to put an end to the evil organization G.R.I.P. and their campaign to rule the world.

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The evil organization G.R.I.P (Global Repression and Imprisonment Patrol) has begun occupying countries under the rule of tyranny and slavery. G.R.I.P has recently set their eye on a cluster of small countries to the west. These small countries have banded together and are simply called, the “Allied Nations”.

When the Allied Nations received lintel that G.R.I.P has become frustrated with the AN’s resistance and plans to launch a nuclear bomb, they sprang into preemptive action and launched a nuclear strike of their own. Operation Cobra would send a swell of ground and air forces to protect Goliath, the 300-man flying fortress that would drop the nuclear weapon of mass destruction over G.R.I.P’s nuclear launch facilities with hopes to end the invasion. When Goliath was shot down by G.R.I.P’s overwhelming forces, a small team was sent on a suicide mission to finish what Goliath had failed to do.

Their plan is to stay away from large battles while flying under the radar, in hopes of as little resistance as possible but enemy territory is uncharted and nobody knows what they will face behind the lines.

Due to the severity and urgency of the mission, Operation Cobra has been upgraded to Operation Red Cobra.

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Game mechanics and features:

The core of Red Cobra is shooting 360 degrees in a twin-stick fashion. Sprinkled throughout the game will be “Metroidvania” exploration levels as well as environmental and boss puzzles. Objects can be manipulated by picking them up, dropping them, or shooting them. Red Cobra will be heavy on environmental obstacles as well.

– 360 Degree Shooting
– Explore and Solve Puzzles
– Navigate Obstacles

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Check out the trailer below:

For more info about this beautiful game, follow Adversary Games on twitter or visit their kickstarter page if you want to back their project.


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