Today Brighton-based game developer Snap Finger Click has developed a never-seen-before broadcast feature for ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades, following popular demand from broadcasting players. In January this year the British studio, founded by former employees of EA and PlayStation, released the well-received party game on PlayStation 4. The new Live Show-feature will let players experience an interactive version of the game when broadcasting to Twitch, Ustream or YouTube. Players act, sing, draw or describe the hidden phrases from the game, and viewers guess what the phrase is in order to score points. ACT IT OUT! will automagically recognise the names and guesses from the viewers, giving them the appropriate in-game exposure for guessing correctly and will add them to the in-game leaderboards.

Streamers can use the PS Camera to act, draw, sing or describe the hidden phrases to their viewers. The game will keep the phrases hidden from the viewers, and the game will magically know which of them are guessing correctly. It will then use the names of the winning viewers and add them to leaderboards to find out who the highest scoring viewer is. There are games out there with some basic streaming features, but no other game that’s out right now has pushed it this far.

Check out the new trailer below.

The amount of content in ACT IT OUT! is staggering with over 1,500 hand-picked phrases from categories including Films, Video Games, Music, TV, Books, Theatre, Proverbs and Lucky Dip. If you missed our review then check it out.

The update also comes with a new price for the game. ACT IT OUT will be available for 5.79 GBP, 6.99 EUR, 6.99 USD on the PlayStation Store from today.


Source; Snap Finger Click