Punk and Lizard is a site created by Blondlizard and S_M_Punk. We are based in London, England.

So who are Punk and Lizard?


Blondlizard is from London and in his  30’s. His love of gaming continued onto the Sega Mega Drive, Gameboy, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation 1,2 3,and 4 PSP and the PS Vita.  Blondlizard loves his racing games and is yet to play a RPG, but tells us he is willing to change. His favourite inventions are the wireless controller and American size crisp packets.


S_M_Punk is really an all rounder. A powerful cocktail of fighting, platforming, FIFA and tag teaming sees Punk hold valuable gaming knowledge across the board. Complete with his love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, comics and slash horror games, Punk is a unique gamer who sounds about 15, but is actually 30.

verocious picture

Verocious is our man from The Hague and is an avid gamer since the day his father bought his first computer. He grew up playing games like Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem and Tomb Raider. Although he loves all kinds of genres, he’s not really familiar with JRPG and Sports games. His favourite of all time is The Last of Us, and has a big love for Indie games.


SJ Hollis is our editor and reviewer here at P&L. She is also a torturer of fictional teenagers AKA author of Bounty Hunter, a YA SF fantasy with, erm, funny bits. You can also find her on Twitter @SJHollis_



Roughdawg4 is our guy from the U.S.A. Having bagged over 800 platinum’s ,I don’t think we need to say much more.

Thanks to Kurt Iverson who helped glue everything together. The most profoundly gifted interactive designer in the world. Like…literally. All the amazing custom artwork you see on Punk and Lizard is done by our good buddy @ www.originalconartist.co.uk

Contact us at punkandlizard@punkandlizard dot com.