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Switch Galaxy Ultra

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Switch Galaxy Ultra – Review (PS Vita)

It's time to buckle up and strap yourself in as Atomicom bring their world of high speed futuristic racing to PlayStation. If you're familiar wit...
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Switch Galaxy Ultra out today in EU

The Official Switch Galaxy Ultra trailer for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has been released. The futuristic racer  is out today on the Play...
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Switch Galaxy Ultra – Preview

First published May 16, 2014 Having the opportunity to preview a game is always exciting, but when you have a game such as Switch Galaxy Ultra...
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Switch Galaxy Ultra – ‘Final touches to ship models and textures ‘

Switch Galaxy Ultra runs at 60FPS and 1080p on PS4. It’s cross buy, cross play, cross save and launches very soon. Atomicom have been putting ...
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Caudwell Children will feature within the new Switch Galaxy Ultra

Caudwell Children will feature within the new Switch Galaxy Ultra game after a deal to support the Children’s charity was reached with games deve...
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Atomicom support children’s charity with Switch Galaxy Ultra

Switch Galaxy Ultra is gearing up to be amazing in more ways than one. Revealed in our interview last month, Caudwell Children will feature withi...
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Interview – Gary Nichols from Atomicom on Switch Galaxy Ultra PS Vita/PS4

Continuing our look at PS4/PS Vita releases, we look at Switch Galaxy Ultra. Switch Galaxy Ultra is an insanely addictive, fast-paced, reflex-bas...
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Interview – Yousuf from Switchblade Monkeys talks Secret Ponchos (PS4)

Continuing our look at upcoming PS4 games, we now take a look at one we're really excited for: Secret Ponchos. Soon to be released by Switchblade...
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Elevate Combat League – Atomicom announce their new sci-fi, sports-arena shooter

Atomicom has today announced the development of its latest title, the sci-fi, sports-arena shooter, Elevate Combat League. You'll remember Atomic...
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May PS Plus

Playrise Digital bring combat racer Table Top Racing: World Tour to PS4 as part of the May PS Plus lineup.  And that’s not all. Here’s the full l...
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