Coming exclusively to PS4 is 3on3 Freestyle, a multiplayer online street basketball video game which allows players to compete in 3 against 3 matches. U.S. based gamers are invited to experience the only Arcade “Street” basketball game on PS4 and take part in the open beta.

Check out the open beta trailer below, it’s slammin’!

3on3 Freestyle offers three different game modes for three unique experiences:
-3 v 3 online- with friends on your couch or alongside players from across the world, participate in spectacular games and become the king of the court.
-1 v 1 online: Compete against another player for frantic street basketball duels.
-1 v 1 against the AI: Train and master every character.

In 3on3 Freestyle, every character is different and has its own abilities and skills, being able to play at a specific position. It’s up to you to choose how you play, using crisp passes, mesmerizing dribbling or forcing your way through to win the game.