The rather excellent looking 10 Second Ninja X now has a release date! Make sure you mark July 19th in your diaries.



Here’s some more info on what to expect:

Fed up with platformers which take an age to complete? Levels with save points *midway* through them? Acres of gaming real estate you need to traverse over and over again just to reach the point you were when you last lost a life? Tsssh, that sort of thing should be consigned to history. It’s time to wake up and smell the whatever-this-decade-is-abbreviated-to*.

Welcome, then, to the world of 10 Second Ninja X.

Features include:

· 60 new, tough as nails levels
· Original story
· Explorable hub
· Unlockable hint ghosts through an optional minigame
· All 40 levels from the original 10 Second Ninja included
· Individual level leaderboards
· Marathon mode (each area’s levels back to back)
· Secret areas with collectibles
· Cross save

Check out the trailer: